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Jazz Emu [sic] EPK

[sic] is the debut album from Jazz Emu, an alter-ego created by award-winning musician and comedian, Archie Henderson. In July 2019, the lead single Light Touch was featured on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist and racked up 70,000 listens in a few days, while its accompanying music video reached the top of Reddit's r/videos. 


Jazz Emu is a modern male on the brink of crisis, oscillating wildly between flagrant narcissism and life-halting realisations of his own inadequacy. [sic] compresses this paradox into a selection of pithy hooks and tidy grooves. Feeding off influences spanning four decades, [sic] is a genre-straddling, funk-focused album born out of a desire to write funny songs that actually sound good. If a first-time coffee-shop listener can groove to one of the tracks, before discovering on second listen that the lyrics make them laugh as well, well, Jazz Emu can die happy.


Archie Henderson is a writer and musician from London, UK, with several viral hits under his belt, including the ‘Complete History of Music’. He has also written music for stations including BBC Radio 4 (The Now Show, 2019), Comic Relief (Originals, 2017) and Sky (So Beano, 2018), as well as performing his own musical comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 


“Absolute, terrible genius” - Comedy Central

Winner: Amused Moose Award 2019

Best Newcomer: Musical Comedy Awards 2017

2nd Place: Musical Comedy Awards 2018

Jazz Emu Album Cover wesbite.png

Photos available to download here.

Twitter @jazzemu_

Instagram @jazzemu_

Facebook /jazzemu

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