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When he stumbled across Jazz Emu singing passionately about his Miniscule Derrière in an underpass in the heart of Miami, Hunter was immediately entranced by his music. He was also in dire need of work, since his career as a nude model had been drastically injured by a misguided nipple-enlargement surgery (14cm diameter). In exchange for the promise of Online Glory and an Opportunity To Model Nude On The Channel At Some Point, Hunter agreed to film Jazz for Next To No Money. 

In 2018, Hunter was offered the opportunity to work on a small upcoming foreign film called Parasite. Unfortunately due to his contractual obligations with Jazz (lifetime), he was obliged to turn it down. Fortunately Jazz's work has proved far more lucrative.

Jazz Emu - occasionally - begrudgingly agrees for him to work as an editor and director for comedy programmes on the BBC, Channel 4, Sky and Comedy Central, though he considers this an odd decision given the gravity and artistic profundity offered by the content on his own channel.

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